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C-Link Volume 6
Ma. Claudette Risa G. Bataller, Knowledge Resource Center
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NATCCO's Knowledge Resource Center (KRC) has made significant strides in providing learning opportunities for the cooperative sector. KRC's flagship program, Cooperative Leadership and Management Program (Co-op LAMP), has produced 112 Certified Cooperative Managers over two years. KRC adapted to the pandemic environment and utilized its digital platform to deliver webinars, including the E-Co-op Clinic and Co-ops' Copy-han, where resource speakers shared valuable insights. KRC reformatted all ten modules of Co-op LAMP into Virtual Instructor Led Training (VILT) to offer blended learning, which was completed by Batch 7. The Strategic HR Management Program and Credit Risk Management Program were also transformed into VILT programs. The first CCM Summit was held online and attended by participants from batches 1 to 7, with notable resource speakers, hosts, and panelists from primary cooperatives. KRC's accomplishments demonstrate that the passion for learning can prevail even in a VUCA environment. Currently, KRC is on Batch 8 of Co-op LAMP and offers webinars on various topics.

The Knowledge Resource Center (KRC) held a graduation ceremony on March 24, 2021, for ten participants who completed the Learning Methodologies and Materials Development (LMMD) Batch 4 program. The program, which began on February 23, saw participants engage with the content of Learner-Centered Paradigm. The training is designed to teach trainers how to communicate effectively, respect others' views, and use creative approaches in teaching. The course has included modules on adult learning principles, structured learning experiences, online learning methods, and developing teaching cases. The program aims to develop learners' abilities to teach and understand the learning cycle.

The Cooperative Academy of NATCCO Network held a free webinar on customer service and member relations, led by May Chel Batoon, Sales and Marketing Manager of Panabo Multi-Purpose Cooperative. The webinar aimed to improve customer service and strengthen member relations in the cooperative sector. Batoon provided advice on handling irate customers and improving the overall customer experience, emphasizing the importance of being proactive and addressing problems before they occur.

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