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C-Link Volume 7
Mary Rose L. Gob and Ma. Claudette Risa G. Bataller, Knowledge Resource Center
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September 2021
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National Confederation of Cooperatives (NATCCO) is undergoing a digital transformation in learning and development to improve the knowledge resource management of its employees. NATCCO aims to capture, develop and document best practices and know-how to turn itself into a leading learning organization for cooperatives. In line with this objective, the NATCCO employees attended the Bayan Academy's "Learning-to-Do" sessions to enhance their competencies in knowledge resource management. The program aims to institutionalize all knowledge resources within the network and turn the KRC unit into the Cooperative Academy of NATCCO (CAN). To align the programs, NATCCO is developing a digital platform, NATCCO's Learning Management System (LMS), which will be launched as the online eCampus for NATCCO. The LMS is designed to support synchronous and asynchronous training programs that house videos, pdf reading materials, and interactive discussion boards. With digital transformation being embraced by everyone in NATCCO, the focus is on understanding the need to change and willingness to learn.

In another article, the NATCCO's Knowledge Resource Center celebrated the commencement of 17 participants from different cooperatives who have completed the Co-op Leadership and Management Program (Co-op LAMP). The event aimed to create a dialogue wherein participants should imbibe digital transformation. The CEO of Infanta Credit and Development Cooperative and the Human Resource Manager of DCCCO Multi-Purpose Cooperative recounted how they used their program materials as references during their plans and actions, and how Co-op LAMP helped them position their cooperatives better in the digital world.

Co-op LAMP Batch 9 is a three-month program organized by the Cooperative Academy of NATCCO that focuses on leadership training. The course comprises ten modules that employ the whole brain and case method approach, which differentiates it from other training programs. The training began with the fundamental cooperative ideas and ethical principles, followed by the identification of brain dominance, personality types, and the theory of multiple intelligences. The program included assessing the cooperative's internal and external environment, managing finances, cooperative operations and marketing, strategy formulation, and organizational design and development. The course concluded with personal development, including meditating, and a final activity where participants processed a visual representation of their experience using a Life map. The program provides valuable knowledge that prepares the participants to become effective leaders.

KRC also provided a free webinar on Effective Skills for Coaching People for Success, delivered by Mr. John Panlilio, COO of Elyon Solutions International. The webinar focuses on how coaching and mentoring employees lead to positive relationships and successful performance. Coaching culture is essential for managers who aim to make people perform at their best, as employees who are satisfied with their job exhibit positive relationships with colleagues, interesting work, and continuous learning opportunities. The webinar offers essential guidance to managers on motivating their employees and building a practical relationship between the manager and employee.

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