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C-Link Volume 4
Ma. Claudette Risa G. Bataller, Knowledge Resource Center
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NATCCO Knowledge Resource Center has transformed its training into an online Virtual Instructor-Led Training (VILT). In April and May, they offered free training on E-Co-op Clinic, Online Copy-han and the Government's Social Amelioration Program. Recently, they test ran the Fundamentals of Cooperatives (FC) exclusively for the staff of NATCCO's Education, Training & Consultancy Group to instill the Co-op Values and Principles. On June 18-19, participants resumed classes with Ms. Mary Rose Gob on topic Organizational Diagnosis, Design and Development. Ms. Gob shared the messages delivered by Prof. Eduardo Morato during the launch of Bayan Academy's new book, EDMO.

KRC successfully completed Batch 6 of Co-op LAMP using the VILT for 18 graduates, earning their badge of Certified Cooperative Managers of NATCCO. On September 8-9, 2020, KRC offered webinar training on Cooperative Operations and Human Resource together with Mr. Raymond Cardenas, COO of Tours Credit and Development Cooperative. The Canlubang Industrial Estate Multipurpose Cooperative (CIEMC) requested an in-house training to promote cooperativism through educating officers on the cooperative's basic concepts, best practices, and values and principles. The Online Micro Sellers Marketing Cooperative (OMSMC) recently held an exclusive whole day training on Fundamentals of Cooperatives. Strategic Planning is an essential framework that leads to the success of cooperatives.

The two-day sessions on Strategy Formulation and Evaluation; Strategy Implementation and Resource Mobilization focused on rational strategic approach. Mary Rose Gob established her rapport in Record Management System and Documentation webinar on September 28, 2020 to impart how to establish the RMS for co-ops and the roles and responsibilities of a record manager. To enhance documents security and increase productivity, Gob suggested having an electronic record management system. 

The National Confederation of Cooperatives (NCCO) and the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) and USAID developed an Integrated Digital Marketing Training Program (IDMTP) to help Filipina Entrepreneurs become effective online sellers. The W-GDP Team conducted the Batch 2 of IDMTP to the women community of NATCCO last September 17-19, 2020, attended by four pilot cooperatives and co-op mentors.

The Diaspora Program organized the Online Reintegration Forum on Sustainable Reintegration of Overseas Filipinos through Cooperatives on August 20, 2020, which highlighted the need for co-op support and intervention in every point of the migration journey. Savings Mobilization, Asset Building, Income Opportunities, and Job Creation can be used to break the intergenerational cycle of migration. NATCCO extends its gratitude to all the resource persons for their generous sharing of expertise.

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