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C-Link Volume 2
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The Certified Cooperative Manager Homecoming (CCM) was a successful event that took place in Tagaytay City on November 29, 2019. Over 100 participants from 29 cooperatives came together to learn, be inspired, and have fun. Daisybelle M. Cabal, Department Head of Education, Training, and Consultancy Group (ETCG), welcomed the participants and expressed her gratitude for their support. The participants completed the Co-op Leadership and Management Program (LAMP) and received the title of "Certified Cooperative Manager." The event included activities, such as getting-to-know sessions and presentations, as well as discussions on important topics related to cooperatives. Lloyd Luna, a multi-awarded motivational speaker, inspired the participants with his "Step back Leadership – A Philosophy of Putting People at the Center of Leadership." The main course of the event was focused on the "Co-op DNA" and the leaders discussed the traits that the co-op should maintain for the future, including trust, creativity, education, and leadership.

The National Confederation of Cooperatives (NATCCO) celebrated its 43rd year with a celebration at its headquarters. NATCCO was originally established as the National Association of Training Centers for Cooperatives, by co-op leaders who believed that the development of cooperatives should be led by the private sector. The co-op sector has evolved from its early days as a government initiative in the late 50s to a self-help movement that allows people to improve their economic well-being through cooperation. In addition to this celebration, NATCCO's Knowledge Resource Center and Bayan Academy also held a National Conference on Social Entrepreneurship to discuss best practices for accelerating economic progress through social enterprises. The conference included discussions on starting, professionalizing, and scaling-up social enterprises, with guest speakers from various social enterprise organizations sharing their experiences and insights. The event aimed to showcase the benefits of supporting and investing in social entrepreneurship.

The Knowledge Resource Center of NATCCO Network conducted three free webinars on various topics related to cooperative development. The first webinar focused on Job Evaluation using Factor Comparative Approach and covered the process of determining the duties and skill requirements of a job, as well as the competency of the person to be hired. The second webinar, on Learning Methodologies and Materials Development, taught the participants about various learning methods and enabled them to create and manage training programs. The third webinar was on the necessary preventive measures amid the Covid-19 pandemic and emphasized the importance of personal hygiene and strengthening. In response to the pandemic, NATCCO Network assigned a skeletal force to continue its services, advised work from home for its employees, and suggested the creation of a task force to deal with the business continuity plan.

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