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Sector Honors 3 Tagum Co-op Leaders

Posted April 03, 2019


DAVAO CITY -- Three leaders of Tagum Cooperative were honored at the 14th National Cooperative Summit held at the SMX Convention City here, before some 3,000 co-op leaders from all over the country.

Mr. ANTONIO C. ARAÑAS, MPA has served the Philippine Cooperative Movement for over 32 years and still counting, as he is at present, a Member of the Board of Directors of his primary cooperative… the TAGUM COOPERATIVE and its tertiary cooperative … the National Confederation of Cooperatives (NATCCO). 

But the most remarkable contribution he has ever etched in the annals of cooperative history, at least in the local arena, was when he and 3 other “dyed-in-the-wool” co-op leaders in the mid-90s had successfully transformed Tagum Cooperative to what it has become today as among the biggest cooperatives in the country with 6 Billion Assets, 150,000 Members and 15 Operating Branches, and still counting. 

Moreover, it was during the Presidency or Board Chairmanship of the Awardee when, in the year 2000, Tagum Cooperative was accorded the “Brand Award” granted by World Council of Credit Unions or ‘WOCCU’ based in United States through CUES, Philippines, Titled: “Finance Organizations achieving Certified Credit Union Standard” or “FOCCUS”. 

This branding scheme has revolutionized how financial management and operations in the coops are governed by adhering to the stringent requirements of the international financial standards. Owing to this, the Awardee, to the many coop leaders and members in the local and national coop organizations have regarded him as the, “FATHER OF MODERN TAGUM COOPERATIVE”.  Finally, the Awardee has served as President/ Board Chairperson of Tagum Cooperative for 6 terms; 1 term each as President/ Board Chairperson of NATCCO and MASS-SPECC, and as Director of CLIMBS and the Philippine Cooperative Center (PCC)

“Passion and Commitment” are the reasons why MS. ROSALINA S. ARGENT, MBA is in the cooperative movement. She was only 18 years old; it was in year 1970 when she volunteered teaching family budgeting which commonly called “Financial Literacy”. Being passionate, she brought the cooperative idea to Filipino-Australians in Qairns, Queensland, Australia. As a result, Tagum Cooperative has 103 active members who continuously build-up their share capital for their retirement. Ms. Argent firmly believed that a cooperative leader must “walk their talk”, adhere to the cooperative principles, philosophies and values; and happy to serve humankind. 

EVELIA R. SATOR is an educator, a co-operative leader and a gender advocate.  She got married to Jesus B. Sator in 1971

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