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All China Co-op Leaders Visit NATCCO

Posted April 03, 2019


QUEZON CITY – Delegates from the All China Federation of Supply and Marketing Cooperatives (ACFSMC) visited the NATCCO Network headquarters on September 18 to exchange information, learn about the Philippine cooperative sector, and explore business linkages.

The Chinese delegation was led by ACFSMC Secretary General Fu Chun Hua,   Director Lanxiong Xun, Wei Guo Wen, and Vice President Zhang Xuhong.  Other delegates were Kang Jun, General Manager of Shaanxi Kangtai Agricultural Means of Production Company; Lin Sheng Li, Deputy General Manager of Nitrogenous Fertilizer of the Guangxi Gongxiao Agricultural Means of Production in Nanning City, accompanied by Vice General Manager Bi Ye.  The delegation was accompanied by a journalist, Ms. Huang Min.

Serving as interpreter from the Dept. of Tourism was Mr. Alric Choa Sy of the Philippine Department of Tourism.

Welcoming the delegates were NATCCO staff led by Training Group head, Daisybelle Cabal and Payments Group Head Alex Almendral.

The All China Federation of Supply and Marketing Cooperatives (ACFSMC) is the apex organization of all supply and marketing cooperatives (SMCs) in China, and represent the largest cooperative organization in China. An important force in developing the rural economy, ACFSMC has played a major role in ensuring the supplies of agricultural means of production, activating circulation of farm produce, promoting industrial management of agriculture, and boosting the rural market. 

 By the end of 2014, ACFSMC represented 32 provincial, 342 prefecture, 2,377 county federations of SMCs, 20,050 primary cooperatives, 19,431 cooperative enterprises and 312 institutes at different levels, with 3.47 million employees.


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