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Virtual Instructor Led Training is New Key Method for Training

Posted August 14, 2020


In order to continue providing for the needs of co-ops while keeping up with the situation brought about by the COVID-19 Pandemic, the NATCCO Knowledge Resource Center has transformed its training by using the Virtual Instructor Led Training (VILT).

We encourage every cooperative to adapt to this innovative learning system made possible by the internet.  Thus, in April and May, we offered free trainings on E-Co-op Clinic, Online Copy-han and the Government’s Social Amelioration Program.

These courses feature a self-paced learning system, which can be completed alone or with a group.

And we continue to develop more online seminars.

Recently, we test ran the Fundamentals of Cooperatives (FC) exclusively for the staff of NATCCO’s Education, Training & Consultancy Group to instill the Co-op Values and Principles. 

The second batch saw 15 cooperatives from Luzon and Mindanao participating. We also reached 6 more cooperatives to participate on the third batch of FC Class last July 29.

On the other hand, we are also offering our High-quality training. Cooperative Leadership and Management Program (Co-op LAMP) to co-op management, staff, leaders and upcoming leaders.

This training allows participants to learn different leadership styles and shapes competencies in operations and dealing with other staff and members.

There are ten modules: 

Module 1: Cooperativism and Leadership –what makes cooperative and social enterprises unique, 

Module 2: Whole Brain Leadership and Management –develop skills in critical thinking and holistic management style, 

Module 3: External and Environmental Assessment – to understand your market, 

Module 4: Internal Environmental Assessment – to know the process in evaluating your internal resources and to understand your organization’s strength and weaknesses, 

Module 5: Cooperative Operations and Human Resources – learn how to lead people to be effective and efficient on their roles, 

Module 6: Cooperative Finance – learn to understand the financial statement, 

Module 7: Cooperative Operations and Marketing – proper marketing approach to increase credibility of the organization and to learn the benefits of co-op branding 

Module 8: Strategy Formulation and Evaluation and Strategy Implementation & Resource Mobilization – how you can formulate your business and strategic plans through internal environment assessment, 

Module 9: Organizational Diagnosis, Design and Development; Governance – designing the structure, processes, and system geared towards achieving the organizational goal and 

Module 10: Learning to Be – Understanding of yourself, master your skills and requirements for continuous development.

Currently, we are engaging Abrasa MPC, Angono Credit and Development Cooperative, Basud Development Cooperative, Gubat St. Anthony Credit Cooperative, Novaliches Development Cooperative, Sta. Cecilia Multi-Purpose Cooperative from Luzon; Perpetual Help Multi-Purpose Cooperative in the Visayas, and Mambajao Multi-Purpose Cooperative in Mindanao. 

By the second week of August we will offer the finest training on External & Environmental Assessment, that will enable you to understand your market and learning how to assess your industry, sector, and the micro market.

Today, Co-op LAMP has 98 Graduates titled as “Certified Cooperative Manager.”

If you are interested to join in our trainings and programs you can email us at krc@natcco.coop or visit our Facebook page: Natcco Knowledge Resource Center to keep you updated.

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