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ICA urges all to Climate Action

Posted September 09, 2020


Brussels, BELGIUM -- The International Cooperative Alliance (ICA) invited all cooperatives worldwide to celebrate the International Day of Cooperatives on July 4 by taking action against climate chang

The 2020 International Day of Cooperatives theme – Cooperatives for Climate Action – was chosen to support Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) 13 on Climate Action. Climate severely impacts people’s livelihoods around the world, especially the most disadvantaged groups such as small-scale farmers, women, youth, indigenous peoples and ethnic minorities, who are members of cooperatives.

Bruno Roelants, ICA director general said: “Climate change continues to affect the most vulnerable population on our planet, and we must continue to take action to change this. We seek to highlight the importance of taking climate change action, and to encourage others to also make a difference.”

The ICA invites co-ops to share their actions through hashtag #Coops4ClimateAction. 

In response, the four key staff of the National Confederation of Cooperatives – Lasalette Gumban of the NATCCO Diaspora Program, Jerome Tejada of the MICOOP Group, Rose Gobb of the Knowledge Resource Center, and Diosdado Luna of the Member Relations & Networking Group – completed last July the Training of Trainers for Climate Action conducted by the Association of Asian Confederation of Credit Unions.  

More on that in a future article.

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