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Soldiers’ Co-op Levels Up with eKoopBanker Financial Software

Posted January 12, 2023


To boost operations and serve members better, NATCCO member Kitanglad Multi-Purpose Cooperative has adopted NATCCO’s premiere financial software – eKoopBanker.

Kitanglad MPC manages assets amounting to Php 156.6 Million belonging to 2,565 members.

Thus, the co-op’s leadership and management decided that they need the powerful features of eKoopBanker financial software.

The eKoopBanker System is a Windows-based software designed to address the financial and operational requirements of organizations engaged in credit and savings operations. 

eKoopBanker performs Loan Portfolio Management (or Loan Tracking) captures information and generates reports on the performance and status of loan accounts.

It maintains basic profile information of the co-op members; provides a summary of the status and balance of each member’s accounts (e.g., loans, savings deposit, time deposit, and paid-up share capital) as of specified date; can accommodate multiple number of loan products as with rates and framework designed by the co-op.

eKoopBanker’s Savings Deposit Module processes and tracks deposit and withdrawal transactions on members’ savings and time deposit accounts and computes interest on deposit product parameters adjusted according to the co-op’s specifications.

eKoopBanker has the ability to generate real-time reports like: Chart of Accounts, Cash Receipts Journal, Cash Disbursements Journal, General Journal, General Ledger, Subsidiary Ledgers (on Receivables, Payables, Paid-up Share Capital and other accounts that require SLs) per Alphalist, per Classification (e.g., Members, Employees, Creditor and Funders), and per selected profile, Balance Sheet, Income Statement, list of fully depreciated assets, Daily Cash Collection Report, Daily Cash Position Report and more.

eKoopBanker is designed for co-ops in accordance with regulatory requirements of the Cooperative Development Authority (CDA), the Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR), Anti-Money Laundering Act (AMLA), Data Privacy Act, and the Credit Information System Act (CISA).  

eKoopBanker also ensures ease of data access by authorized personnel, with Back-up and Restore facilities of transaction data.

Kitanglad MPC Chairperson Lt. Commander Loreto M. Marayan said at the start of the formal Agreement Signing Ceremony: “The Board and Management had several meetings where we discussed NATCCO’s offer (of providing eKoopBanker system).  We know this system will be above board for the security and convenience of our co-op’s day-to-day transactions.”

KMPC General Manager Karlo Galang said: "Kitanglad MPC Board and Management decided to go with eKoopBanker recognizing the principle "Cooperation among Co-ops", and with the trust to the federation to deliver efficiency in our business operations, data security and ultimately better service to our members. We are grateful for this partnership as we move forward towards digitalization, and hope that all our objectives for the project come into fruition."

Kitanglad MPC had also recently boarded the NATCCO Stabilization Fund System, ensuring protection against insolvency, and whose inspections provide advice on managing risks.

For more information on how your co-op can avail of eKoopBanker and eKoopBanker Plus financial software and boost operations, email your inquiry to itmarketing@natcco.coop


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