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Oro Integrated Cooperative Receives ACCESS Brand

Posted September 20, 2022


Recognizing the culture of excellence in Oro Integrated Cooperative.

BANGKOK – Oro Integrated Cooperative based in Cagayan de Oro City was given the prestigious ACCESS Branding at the 2022 Forum of the Association of Asian Confederation of Credit Unions (ACCU).

The certification was gladly received by OIC Chief Executive Officer Floriano Hilot, who has over the years, spearheaded the compliance of the cooperative to the stringent standards of ACCESS, with supervision and hand-holding provided by NATCCO Consultancy.

This is testament of the OIC leadership’s thrust toward excellence, as a co-op must undergo audits and inspections to determine its operations’ soundness and meet the highest standards set by the credit co-op sector in Asia. 

ACCESS stands for “A1 Competitive Choice for Excellence in Service and Soundness”.

Oro Integrated Cooperative (OIC) is an open-type primary coop that has been serving its members for over 56 years. Ranking among the country’s leading cooperatives, OIC is now serving over 188,000 members through its 20 branches strategically located in key areas in Mindanao and Visayas.

The cooperative is owned by its members from all walks of life and governed by the same through its board of directors.

Oro Integrated Cooperative was conceived by NATCCO co-founder Atty. Mordino “Mordz” Cua. He dreamt of a Cooperative that would give financial self-sufficiency and economic independence to its members and the community.

The realization of this dream came into being when he united 27 other individuals who strongly believed in the idea of the cooperative. The group, with a modest startup capital of 88 pesos, formed Oro Credit Union on March 5, 1966, and served as the first set of officers and managers of the said union.

The name was changed to Oro Integrated Cooperative in 1991 and has simply become known as OIC in the later years.

OIC has become a household name delivering quality and tailor-fit products and services to live up to its mission. Over the years, stories of achievements and overcoming the odds with the help of OIC were shared by its members.

These success chronicles helped build OIC’s stature in the hearts of its members and community alike. The trust and respect of different stakeholders in our community are manifested in various awards and citations from various reputable award-giving bodies in recognition of OIC’s exemplary performance, good governance, and commitment to carry out estimable service.

Throughout its existence, OIC amassed top distinctions when it was awarded as one of the most outstanding cooperatives by the Cooperative Development Authority’s Gawad Parangal in 2012, 2013, and again in 2014.

In 2019, OIC has also received the Most Outstanding Service Cooperative Award during the 8th Mindanao Business Leaders and Entrepreneur Awards held in Cagayan de Oro City.

In 2021, OIC received the prestigious Villar Sipag's award ‘Outstanding Social Enterprise for Poverty Reduction’ for Region 10. 

OIC offers a wide array of products and services tailored fit to the needs of its members; from investments, savings, loans, insurance as well as its recently launched online services. OIC is also the first cooperative in the Philippines to offer ATM Services.

Prompted by the adverse economic impact brought about by the pandemic, OIC’s commitment to continually serve its members and the community reinforced the need for Online Services.

OIC launched its Online Services in July of 2020. It is an adapted system that caters to online transactions coming in two channels; through Google forms, which accepts OIC Debit Transfers and Express Loan applications; and through the new services offered by OIC’s official website page, www.orointegrated.coop – the Online Membership application menu, and a shop menu for investment, savings and loans payment, and insurances.

Oro Integrated Cooperative reintroduces Online Membership Application allowing everyone to experience its services and opportunities anywhere in the country and abroad, specifically to our Overseas Filipino Workers, without having to personally visit OIC’s branch offices. This aims at expanding OIC’s reach.

In 2021, The Integrated Wealth Building Program (IWBP) is developed as a response to the prevalent issues and challenges on financial literacy in OIC, in the cooperative movement, and even in the Philippine context in general. The IWBP enables the employees, officers, and members to be financially educated, guided by the financial advisors to be resilient by having an emergency fund and investment as well.

In the same year, the Kabayani Wealth Building Program (KWBP) was launched as a joint collaboration between Oro Integrated Cooperative (OIC) and Sta. Catalina Credit Cooperative (SCC). OIC and SCC, being in the business of savings and credit, can assist the OFs and OF families in the realization of their financial goals thru savings and financial literacy training.

The KWBP aims provide Overseas Filipinos (OFs) a long-term savings investment intended to support the plans and dreams that OFs aspire to reach.

OIC operates branches in Cagayan de Oro (6), Bukidnon (7), Misamis Oriental (3), Bohol (3), CARAGA Region (1).


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