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NATCCO GA for Building Trust, Resilience and a Better Future

Posted May 09, 2024


DAVAO CITY – One-thousand two-hundred twenty-eight co-op leaders engaged at the 47th General Assembly and 2024 Cooperative Leaders’ Congress of the National Confederation of Cooperatives (NATCCO Network) for three days on May 3 to 5 to be updated on the state of NATCCO, economic trends, decide directions, and move toward the envisioned “integrated network”.  

Delegates were leaders who represent cooperatives all over the Philippines.

NATCCO is currently composed of 957 cooperatives, mostly credit and savings cooperatives providing financial and other services to members.  These co-ops have combined membership of 7.6 million individual members.

While most of these cooperatives are savings and credit or multi-purpose cooperatives, many of the NATCCO member-cooperatives are agricultural and transport cooperatives.

Venue for the big event was the SMX Convention Center in Lanang, deemed to be the only venue able to accommodate such a large number of delegates.

Theme for the event is “Building Trust, Climate Resilience, and Sustainable Futures: Happy Members of Secured Co-ops in an Integrated Network.”

NATCCO Chairperson Maria Corazon Montallana of Region 8 COMELEC Employees Multi-purpose Cooperative, set the tone as she called on the delegates to cultivate “a collective mindset that embraces integration as the path forward for our federation. We will cultivate this mindset throughout our time together and carry it back to our respective primary cooperatives, thereby igniting a ripple effect of change.”

Awards were given to “champion” member-cooperatives that patronize NATCCO products and services, contribute share capital to the federation, deposited large amounts in NATCCO Treasury, co-ops that experienced impressive growth, and co-ops that have made headway in the digitalization of their operations and services to members.

On the awardees, Vice Chairperson Dr. Victor Hofilena said during the closing: “I am totally inspired by all these people. . . representatives of cooperatives that received awards and recognition today for supporting NATCCO.  Let us all carry on with the Vision of NATCCO to become an "Integrated Network" of cooperatives!"

Ten NATCCO staff were also recognized for 15 to 20 years of continuous service with NATCCO.

CDA Chairperson Joseph 'Joy' Encabo spoke before the body of co-op leaders on May 4 and encouraged leaders toward good governance, unity, and climate action.  On the tax issue of cooperatives, Encabo said: "It is not easy for the CDA to position itself on the tax exemption of cooperatives . . . to tax cooperatives or not.  The CDA cannot fight another government agency (The Bureau of Internal Revenue under the Department of Finance - editor).  It should be your voice that will be heard that this branch of Government should be listening to.  If the CDA answers taxation is okay, the cooperatives will be angry.  If no, you will be happy.  But we cannot apply a one-sided set-up.  There should be a win-win solution."

The General Assembly was held on May 4 in the afternoon.  Management presented NATCCO’s 2023 performance and financial figures.  

In her Chairperson's Report, Atty. Montallana said: "We are working the digitalization program of NATCCO.  We are implementing changes required by the BSP for us to comply with their requirements as we re-launch the KAYA Payment Platform and obtain an electronic money-issuer (EMI) license.  We are also making changes in the organizational structure, including the establishment of a Compliance Committee.  NATCCO is spearheading in Asia the Climate Action Program that was adopted by the International Cooperative Alliance in Asia-Pacific last November 2023."

The General Assembly accepted the 2023 reports and approved the proposed 2024 budget, plans, and policy updates.

New members of the Board of Directors were elected as well, with board representatives coming from Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao.  Atty. Maria Corazon Montallana presided the General Assembly, as her term ended on May 5.

The following Committees also gave their reports: Audit, Election, Ethics, Information Technology, Investment, Mediation and Conciliation, Resiliency, and Women and Youth.  All their reports were accepted. 

“Big Moves” in 2023 that NATCCO management presented to the GA are the 1) re-establishment of Regional Coordinating Teams, 2) strengthening sales and marketing competencies of select staff, 3) establishment of the Marketing and Brand Management Unit, 4) more and widespread Ownership Meetings held in the regions, 5) cloud-based member dockets, 6) NATCCO databank rollout, 7) boosting Escalating Team competencies on data analytics and ISO audit, 7) migration of the new NATCCO core banking platform to a new supplier, 8) ongoing compliance to Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP) requirements for NATCCO’s application for electronic money issuer (EMI) license; 9) crafting the NATCCO digitalization roadmap; 10) creation of information security and cybersecurity management unit; 11) creation of compliance officer position, 12) renewal of ISO Certification; 13) creation of the Cooperative Academy of NATCCO Network (CANN); 14) approval of new and update policies, and more.

Also submitted by Management to the General Assembly’s approval was the 2024 Capital Expenditure.

Photos of the event can be downloaded on this link


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