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NATCCO Chairperson Marlene Celo, 1954 - 2022

Posted August 22, 2022


The National Confederation of Cooperatives mourns the passing of one of its most outstanding leaders –Marlene Rendon Celo who has served in the Board since 2018, and was elected Board Chairperson from 2019 to 2021. 

Her sudden demise is a loss to the NATCCO Network, and the co-op sector as a whole, as Ms. Celo inspired co-op leaders and NATCCO Management and staff with her servant-leadership, guiding the NATCCO Network to greater heights during her tenure, making major decisions that determined the direction of the Network just prior to the Covid-19 Pandemic.

Celo advocated the ‘integrated network’ that NATCCO envisions, where all co-operatives patronize the products and services that the federation develops specifically for its co-ops, and thus meeting a uniform standard for the sector.

She is Chairperson of Dingle Government Workers Development Cooperative established 1992 in Iloilo Province, a ‘Large Category’ primary co-op (with Assets more than Php 100 Million) engaged in savings and credit and key enterprises.

Celo studied English, Social Science, and Theater Arts at the West Visayas State University.  She taught at the Dingle National High School and was Secondary School Principal at Rufino Palabrica Sr. National High School.



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