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Mamerto B. Rodriguez, ICPSTE MPC Founder, 1940 - 2022

Posted August 03, 2022


The NATCCO Network joins the Iloilo City Public School Teachers & Employees MPC in mourning the passing of its founder, Mr. Mamerto B. Rodriguez.  

The idea of organizing a co-operative in the Division of Iloilo City was realized through the efforts of Mr. Rodriguez, Education Supervisor I and President of Iloilo CIty Public School Teachers and Employees Association, Inc. Sometime in January 1990, Mr. Rodriguez in his capacity as Chairperson of the Board of Trustees of ICPSTEA, Inc. included the organization of a cooperative as one of the agenda in the Board meeting which was readily plotted designed to expedite the cooperative’s organization.

After several months of continuous preparation, the pre-membership seminar was scheduled on November 21-22, 1990 to a core group of 135 members. From then on payments for the subscribed shares for a minimum of five (5) shares at P100.00 per share each member started to pour in. Payments were either made in cash or by installment.

Mr. Rodriguez drafted the By-Laws and the Articles of Cooperation and named it initially as ICPSTE Tulung-Tulungan started its lending operation with a share capital of P39,300.00 where 28 members availed of the loan of P2,000.00 each for the month of April. 

In view of the urgent need for more capital, the Tulung-Tulungan in a Memorandum of Agreement, borrowed the CARE funds of the Division of Iloilo City in the amount of P230,000.00 at 9% interest per annum and an additional amount of P20,0000.00 at the same rate of interest from ICPSTEA, INC.

On October 14, 1991 the ICPSTEA Tulung-Tulungan was registered with the Cooperative Development Authority and assumed the registered name as the Iloilo City Public School Teachers and Employees Multi-Purpose Cooperative (ICPSTE-MPC).

To date, the Cooperative is growing tremendously due to the regular and consistent capital build up of all the members and the unconditional support of the officials, teachers/non-teaching personnel of both public and private institutions and other employees of government/non government agencies of the city/province of Iloilo.

Mr. Rodriguez had served as Director of the NATCCO Network from 2010-2011.


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