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Corazon C. Tingson, 1962-2022

Posted November 10, 2022


The NATCCO Network mourns the passing of Director Corazon C. Tingson of Barbaza Multi-Purpose Cooperative in Antique Province.

She served as Chairperson of Barbaza Multi-Purpose Cooperative – a leading light in the digitalization of co-operatives in the Philippines.

In the NATCCO Network, she served in the Election Committee from 2006 to 2011, and Member of the Board of Directors 2018 to 2021.

A graduate of West Visayas State College with a Bachelor in Education in 1983, she took post graduate studies at the University of Asia & the Pacific in 1995.

Teaching was always her passion, starting as a Grade 3 Teacher in 1987, a Principal in 1997, and District Supervisor in 2007.

Distinctions include “Outstanding Educator Gintong Sikap – National Award”, Gold Service Award – Boy Scout of the Philippines, Bronze Merit Award, Boy Scouts of the Philippines, and Outstanding District Supervisor – Regional Level.

Director Tingson’s favorite color is orange, and is a fan of the brother-sister music duo Carpenters.


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