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COOP-NATCCO Partylist announces Nominees for 2022

Posted September 24, 2021


Since 1998, COOP-NATCCO Partylist has been the voice of cooperatives in the Philippine House of Representatives, consulting with co-op leaders all over the country to ensure laws that will benefit cooperatives. All co-op are thu urged to campaign and support COOP-NATCCO.

COOP-NATCCO Partylist has announced its nominees for Congressional seats in the upcoming 2022 elections.

First nominee elected by Visayas co-op leaders is Filemon Espares, General Manager of the highly-successful Barbaza Multi-Purpose Cooperative in Antique Province.  Espares has been in the cooperative sector for 31 years. Milestones in his coop career were the Regional Outstanding Coop Leader in 2012 and Coop Excellence Award for BMPC in 2015, both from the Cooperative Development Authority (CDA).

Contributing immensely to Barbaza MPC’s growth and success is the co-op’s staunch support for NATCCO’s digitalization thrust.

Second Nominee elected by the Luzon delegates is Divina ‘Diyosa’ Quemi, General Manager of Nueva Segovia Consortium of Cooperatives (NSCC) in Ilocos Region.  Quemi is currently director of the Philippine Cooperative Center, and former Chairperson of the NATCCO Network.

Quemi finished her Doctorate Degree in Business Administration at the University of Northern Philippines in 2017.

Under Quemi’s leadership, NSCC has improved the lives of Ilocos small entrepreneurs and farmers.  To do this, she also forged partnerships with private and government institutions.

Third Nominee from Mindanao is Atty. Jose R. de Guzman, a Public Attorney by profession.  He has served the co-op sector for 36 years as Chairperson of Makilala MPC, president of Cotabato Electric Cooperative, Vice Chairperson of MASS-SPECC, and Election Committee Chairman at CLIMBS.

Recognitions include Outstanding Cooperative Leader in 2014 from the Cotabato Provincial Development Office in 2014, Outstanding DAR Technologist for Region XI, and Outstanding SP Counsel in 1983 from the Philippine National Bank.

Incumbent Representative Sabiniano “Ben” Canama, in light of his excellent performance since 2016, was offered by CNPL leaders to amend the Party’s constitution for him to continue for another term, but he has declined.

NATCCO Network is the National Confederation of Cooperatives established in 1977 by five co-op federations to standardize the training of co-op officers.  NATCCO Network today is composed of more than 800 co-operatives and provides services that include financial intermediation, stabilization fund, education  

COOP-NATCCO Partylist was created in 1997 in Caoayan, Isabela by the leaders of the NATCCO Network, who sought a seat in Congress under the Partylist Law for the 1998 elections.

COOP-NATCCO has obtained at least one Congress seat since then.  2009 was a milestone when COOP-NATCCO for the first time had two seats, occupied by Rep. Jose Ping-ay and Rep. Cresente Paez.

COOP-NATCCO Partylist garnered 450,000 votes at the 2018 elections, which was enough for only one seat.

Party leaders are aiming for three seats and all co-ops are requested to campaign among co-op members and their families for support.


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