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Cooperatives Should Invest in Youth, Develop New Leaders!

Posted May 29, 2024


Grade 6 student Kram Kraven Quiminales of Maragusan Growers Multi-purpose Cooperative in Davao de Oro gave his testimony at the start of the NATCCO 2024 Cooperative Leaders’ Congress. He has a very timely and timeless message for all co-op leaders today . . .

Good afternoon, everyone! To all managers and Coop leaders, especially my fellow aspiring leaders who are here today, and to our esteemed Cooperatives who have diligently provided us with this unique experience and have given me the opportunity to share my journey with Aflatoun. 

My name is Kram Kraven B. Quiminales, a Grade 6 student at Maragusan Central Elementary School in Maragusan, Davao de Oro. I am a member of the Aflatoun Program, facilitated by one of the most progressive cooperatives in our town, Maragusan Growers Multi-Purpose Cooperative, or MAGROW-MPC.

I became an Aflatoun member when I was in fourth grade. My teacher advised us to save, telling us, 'It is good for you to start saving while you are still young so your money will grow, and you will also grow in learning and experience about money matters.' She introduced Magrow MPC to us as an organization that provides financial services to young people like me.

We were excited when we opened our first savings account and received our passbooks. Imagine, at such a young age, having a passbook already! We have an account with Magrow My Youth Laboratory Cooperative. Though we only save a little, like ten pesos or twenty pesos, we know that it will grow over time.

Apart from the savings activity, we also learned about our rights and responsibilities, understanding our feelings, budgeting, and planning through the lessons of our teachers. These topics are important because it molded us to become well-rounded and well-adjusted students.

Aflatoun not only taught us how to save but also helped us build our self-esteem. The 'Summer Saya' activities gave us the opportunity to have fun, learn, and meet other members. I gained a lot of friends who have the same vibe as me. We sang, danced, did arts and crafts, and played fun games. I also attended the 6th MYLC (Maragusan Youth Laboratory Cooperative) General Assembly on April 13, 2024. I am honored to have been elected as one of the Board of Directors. I was awed by the talents of other kids and inspired to hone my own talents as well. The activity was one of the happiest moments in my Aflatoun journey.

Under the care of Aflatoun, I learned a lot of things. Imbibing the habit of savings can help me develop other positive values like diligence, prudence, hard work, and care for the environment. In the future, when I decide to build my own enterprise, I can use the savings I have built. There is joy in saving because it helps you get nearer to your dreams. I was told that children who know how to delay gratification become successful in life.

Ang masasabi ko sa mga batang kagaya ko hindi lamang sa mga bata kung hindi pati na rin sa mga parents,teenagers,at kahit lolo at lola, at mga co-op leaders. Kailangan nating mag ipon dahil hindi pa huli ang lahat dahil hindi natin alam kung saan at kailan natin gagamitin ang ating pera. Hindi lang kailangan nating mag-ipon kung hindi dapat kailangan nating gamitin ang ating pera sa tamang paraan upang ito ay lumago nang lumago.

(I wish to tell other young people: saving and investing is not just for adults.  We must save and invest while we are young and have a lot of time, and grow our finances.)

I have a dream that I want to fulfill. Apart from being a teacher, I want to be a JOURNALIST and a RADIO BROADCASTER. I want to relay factual information, dispel fake news, and share insightful analysis so that people who listen to me can gain new perspectives and get inspiration from. I know that AFLATOUN can help me achieve my dreams, especially in financial wellbeing through proper budgeting and planning.

I am grateful to Magrow MPC for investing in young people like us and for molding us to become responsible young citizens. Through the Aflatoun program, I have also developed confidence in expressing myself and relating to others. I hope and pray that more co-ops will continue to invest in young people through the Aflatoun Program and Laboratory Cooperative. Through us, the co-op legacy will continue. When you invest in us, the returns are not only in the form of money but also in your future membership and sustainability. I believe that these investments are priceless, and the fruits will be reaped in the generations to come.

Daghang salamat sa tanan ug maayong hapon.


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