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Ilocos Norte's Bagnos MPC Champions Women Farmers

Posted January 19, 2024


Banna, ILOCOS NORTE -- Bagnos Multi-Purpose Cooperative is proud to highlight the remarkable achievements of Mrs. Lydia Miguel, recognized as one of the most outstanding farmers in the cooperative. 

Mrs. Miguel has received valuable financial assistance tailored to her farm activities, resulting in prosperity and a significant improvement in her overall quality of life.

Agricultural cooperatives like Bagnos MPC play a crucial role in improving the economic, social, and environmental sustainability of farming communities around Banna by providing collective strength, market access, lowering risk to farmers and non-farming members, and various support services for their members.

Mrs. Miguels says: “I can get financial assistance, if I need capital for my business or if I need farm inputs. Bagnos MPC is there for me – the coop is a helping hand for building the capacity of my farm. The co-op helps my family and the community by generating good paying jobs. The cooperative has helped me grow my own personal life. The co-op has the services I need to help me provide for my family. Bagnos MPC is a catalyst for changing ways of living. Services are essential in daily needs of farmers that give additional income to families.  Additional income from Bagnos MPC like interest income and annual dividends lower my costs of  production giving me even more income. More income helps me send children to school. The Bagnos MPC credit service is a wonderful local asset by offering lower interest rates than commercial banks and easy repayment terms.”


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