• Co-ops' CISA Compliance Good for Economy

    Credit Information Corporation CEO Jaime P. Garchitorena lauded the release of the Cooperative Development Authority’s Memorandum Circular 2019-01, as: “a significant step in achieving many of the inclusive lending targets of the National Government.”   Asked why co-ops need to Read More
  • CDA Tells Co-ops to Submit Credit Data to CIC

    The Cooperative Development Authority (CDA) has confirmed that co-ops must ‘establish, maintain, and submit credit data’ of members to the Credit Information Corporation (CIC).   Said government agency issued its first memorandum circular for the year, Memorandum Circular 01-2019, named Read More
  • All China Co-op Leaders Visit NATCCO

    QUEZON CITY – Delegates from the All China Federation of Supply and Marketing Cooperatives (ACFSMC) visited the NATCCO Network headquarters on September 18 to exchange information, learn about the Philippine cooperative sector, and explore business linkages.   The Chinese delegation Read More
  • Sector Honors 3 Tagum Co-op Leaders

    DAVAO CITY -- Three leaders of Tagum Cooperative were honored at the 14th National Cooperative Summit held at the SMX Convention City here, before some 3,000 co-op leaders from all over the country.   Mr. ANTONIO C. ARAÑAS, MPA has served Read More
  • Lezo MPC's Champion, Aklan's Pride

    AKLAN – She served the National and Local Government as a dedicated, hardworking Municipal Agriculturist Extension Worker of the Municipality of Lezo for 42 years, before she retired in 2010.  And Emelinda Revestir-de la Cruz has proven herself to be Read More
  • COOP-NATCCO Partylist guns for 3 seats

    All cooperative members, leaders, staff, management and stakeholders are reminded to support COOP-NATCCO Partylist (CNPL) in the upcoming 2019 Elections.  Support is through – voting, campaigning, or providing finances and logistics.   The CNPL, since 1998, has endeavored to protect Read More
  • Ravanera, Chinese Counterpart Sign Agreement

    The Cooperative Development Authority (CDA) represented by Chairperson Orlando R. Ravanera and the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs (MARA) of the People's Republic of China represented by Han Changfu, signed a Memorandum of Agreement (MOU) for the Strengthening of Read More
  • Financial Pillar Shows Challenges & Hopes of Co-ops

    DAVAO CITY – One of the highlights of the 14th National Cooperative Summit was the Financial Pillar Presentation.  The Financial Pillar is considered to be the most “liquid” sector of the cooperative, delving into financial services.   The Finance Pillar Read More
  • How Lamac MPC Engages Youth

    DAVAO CITY - Co-op Youth Leader Justine Limocon of Lamac Multi-Purpose Cooperative in Cebu Province, spoke at the Cooperative Summit before more than 3,000 co-op leaders from all over the country, urging them to engage the youth in their cooperatives.   Read More
  • NATCCO GA on April 26-28 in Iloilo City

    ILOILO CITY – Representatives of member cooperatives of the NATCCO Network will converge in Iloilo City on April 26-28 for the 17th Coop Leaders Congress and the 42nd General Assembly.  Venue is the Grand Xing Imperial Hotel.   This year’s Read More
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Sector Honors 3 Tagum Co-op Leaders

DAVAO CITY -- Three leaders of Tagum Cooperative were honored at the 14th National Cooperative Summit held at the SMX Convention City here, before some 3,000 co-op leaders from all over the country.
Mr. ANTONIO C. ARAÑAS, MPA has served the Philippine Cooperative Movement for over 32 years and still counting, as he is at present, a Member of the Board of Directors of his primary cooperative… the TAGUM COOPERATIVE and its tertiary cooperative … the National Confederation of Cooperatives (NATCCO). 
But the most remarkable contribution he has ever etched in the annals of cooperative history, at least in the local arena, was when he and 3 other “dyed-in-the-wool” co-op leaders in the mid-90s had successfully transformed Tagum Cooperative to what it has become today as among the biggest cooperatives in the country with 6 Billion Assets, 150,000 Members and 15 Operating Branches, and still counting. 
Moreover, it was during the Presidency or Board Chairmanship of the Awardee when, in the year 2000, Tagum Cooperative was accorded the “Brand Award” granted by World Council of Credit Unions or ‘WOCCU’ based in United States through CUES, Philippines, Titled: “Finance Organizations achieving Certified Credit Union Standard” or “FOCCUS”. 
This branding scheme has revolutionized how financial management and operations in the coops are governed by adhering to the stringent requirements of the international financial standards. Owing to this, the Awardee, to the many coop leaders and members in the local and national coop organizations have regarded him as the, “FATHER OF MODERN TAGUM COOPERATIVE”.  Finally, the Awardee has served as President/ Board Chairperson of Tagum Cooperative for 6 terms; 1 term each as President/ Board Chairperson of NATCCO and MASS-SPECC, and as Director of CLIMBS and the Philippine Cooperative Center (PCC)
“Passion and Commitment” are the reasons why MS. ROSALINA S. ARGENT, MBA is in the cooperative movement. She was only 18 years old; it was in year 1970 when she volunteered teaching family budgeting which commonly called “Financial Literacy”. Being passionate, she brought the cooperative idea to Filipino-Australians in Qairns, Queensland, Australia. As a result, Tagum Cooperative has 103 active members who continuously build-up their share capital for their retirement. Ms. Argent firmly believed that a cooperative leader must “walk their talk”, adhere to the cooperative principles, philosophies and values; and happy to serve humankind. 
EVELIA R. SATOR is an educator, a co-operative leader and a gender advocate.  She got married to Jesus B. Sator in 1971 and had three children who are now all professionals.  As an educator, she became a MECS-Philam-Life scholar at the University of Philippines, finished her doctorate degree at the University of Southeastern Philippines and thereafter became the Dean of College and was a Development Education Scholar in Australia.  
Being a member of Tagum Cooperative for 46 years, she was a module writer, lecturer, and Credit Union Trainer.   She occupied different elective positions and became the first outstanding member of the cooperative and a Hall of Fame Awardee.  She received the Mindanao Leadership Award from MASS-SPECC, the Gawad Parangal Award as Most Outstanding Leader from the City of Tagum.  
As a gender advocate, she became a role model known as “Mrs. S” and awarded by the Asian Women Development Forum, the “2008 Asian Trio Award Individual Category for the Transformational Leadership.  She believes that “Self-help and group action can lead to economic freedom and happier life and that coops will be there for people who want to improve lives by helping one another.
Bigay Pugay awards were given to other national co-op leaders as well.
FE L. CONCEL was one of the founding member of Mindoro Occidental Farmers Cooperative (MOFC) since 1986, and become active Board of Director, Vice Chairperson and on 2012 she becomes Chairperson up to the present.
As Chairperson of Mindoro Occidental Farmers Cooperative (MOFC) she actively participates in the programs of LGUs and other organizations pertaining to cooperative.
On her chairmanship with Mindoro Occidental Farmers Cooperative (MOFC), the cooperative becomes active. She’s a good example of member/leaders through her dedication in supporting/participating on all projects of the cooperative. Because of her integrity, honesty and full support to the cooperative, she was nominated as officers of provincial and national organizations.
SENEN BACANI is the Chairman of the National Cooperative Movement Advocacy Cooperative (NCM).  During his tenure as Chairman of the Philippine Cooperative Center from 2003 to 2008, an agreement was finalized with the Cooperative Development Authority to be joint convenors of the bi-annual National Cooperative Summit.  The NCM has been very active in strengthening and consolidating the cooperative movement with projects like the NCM mutual fund of the Phils. and the Cooperative Deposit Insurance System.
IMELDA SIO MAGABILEN “DADA” is the General Manager of USPD Savings and Credit Cooperative (USPD SCC) and an agricultural cooperative, the USPD Multi-Purpose Cooperative (USPD MPC). 
She devoted 36 years of her life to the cooperative operations and 32 years in the cooperative movement. She served, and still continues to serve, as member, director and chairperson of various cooperative movements, including Cooperative Insurance System of the Philippines (CISP), Cooperative Deposit Insurance System (CODIS), NCM-Mutual Fund System, National Cooperative Movement, Model Cooperative Network, Consolidated Cooperative Bank of Davao del Sur, Cooperative Health Management Federation, Provincial Cooperative Union of Davao del Sur as well as in the Private Sector particularly the National Sugar Tripartite Council and Davao Mill District Sugar Tripartite Council. Dada’s heartfelt dedication upheld the traditions, values and legacies of the cooperative movement in our country. To date, USPD MPC and USPD SCC continue to achieve its outstanding goals of progress and prosperity. Thanks to her fervid and passionate efforts of a person who truly clothe herself with the principles of cooperativism.
48 years cooperative volunteer. Presently, consultant and EDCOM Volunteer of FICCO; BOD of Consolidated Coop Bank; Vice Chair and Chair of Education Committee of FCOF (FICCO Community Outreach Foundation), a CDA accredited training provider but mostly the social responsibility arm of FICCO. Treasurer (and primary promoter) of the Metro Cagayan de Oro Water Service Cooperative Federation, a water treatment and distribution coop. Promotes Integrated Cooperative Financial System (ICFS) with the following components: One Coop Bank, One Coop Insurance, One Coop Asset Management Co. and One Coop Investment Co., promotes coop owned health facilities: clinics, diagnostic centers and hospitals.
Former Board Chairman of NATCCO Network and MASS-SPECC.  See previous post in NATCCO website.

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